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Give environment more care
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My topic is "Give environment more care". I’d like to talk about some global environmental problems, share some of my stories and show you some data in my speech.
At the beginning, I’d like to ask you a question. Has your hometown’s environment been polluted, if it has, raise your hands please? (Thank you) Let me give you an impression of my hometown. That is a small village of Yunnan province. There are many mountains, forests and rivers. If you go there, I promise you will be amazed by its beautiful landscape. Because you just can touch the nature with your fingers and feelings. You can enjoy the blue sky, flying birds, waterfall, amazing sunset and many other sceneries. When I was a teenager, I often climbed these mountains and jumped into clear and clean river for a swim with my peers. However, after my graduation from high school, I came to Beijing for college. I found something different. Because when I raised my head, the sky’s color was not blue, but yellow. When I looked down, dirty and poisonous rivers are full of unrecyclable rubbish and giving out unpleasant smells. When I looked forward, so many people wore their mouth masks. Everyone here complains weather and environment. It seems so inharmonious between man and nature. Why?
As we know, in the past few centuries, human have made countless remarkable achievements in science and technology to explore the mysterious world better. Conquering nature with powerful tools, people have achieved material prosperity. Meanwhile, environment has been badly damaged. So a series of severe problems come along, such as species extinction, energy crisis, incurable diseases, the three main pollutions etc. All of these factors bring our beautiful planet disasters, humanity as well. Let me show you some statistics. According to the report from World Wide Fund for Nature, the species of entire world have declined by 52 % since 1970. That means about 75 kinds of precious species disappear forever from the Earth each day. In addition, scientists claimed that human now need one and a half Earth to meet the demand for natural resources. Another frightening data from the UN in 2012, there are almost 8.4 million people around the world who die of cancers caused by environmental issues every year. It is so horrible, isn’t it? Man has taken too much from nature, also paid such a heavy price for it. If we don’t try to change these situations, what will happen one or two centuries later?




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